Smart notebooks and resources I have made to accompany the Street Child (by Berlie Doherty) text-based unit, I have a Year 4/5 class so have also linked it to elements of stories with histroical settings.

Also see WEEK 2 for additional resources.


  • Day 1.notebook
  • Day 2.notebook
  • Day 3.notebook
  • Day 4.notebook
  • Day 5.notebook
  • Tell Me Your Story.doc
  • the shilling pie.doc
  • learning journey display.doc
  • Day 6.notebook
  • Day 7.notebook
  • Day 8.notebook
  • Day 9.notebook
  • Day 10.notebook
  • Guided Writing 2 resources.doc
  • Guided Writing resources.doc
  • guided writing plan connectives.doc
  • guided writing plan powerful verbs.doc
  • guided writing plan powerful verbs 2.doc
  • Note to Jim - support sheet.doc
  • shrimps label.doc

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    user avatargingersal4 months agoreport

  • 5
    user avatarimreenf4 years agoreport

    lovely word documents! :) Any ideas on how I or if I can open notebook on windows? would love to be able to use them...

  • 4
    user avatardeb4b4 years agoreport

    Fantastic, thank you.

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    user avatarmaameama4 years agoreport

    Thanks for sharing. It is great.

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    user avatarlburnside4 years agoreport

    A fab resource, thank you so much for sharing it must have taken you a long time to produce all of this.