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Macbeth Worksheet - Create a Summary of Macbeth using the website and this FREE Printable Graphic Novel Template.

Many students find Shakespearean language impenetrable.

'What the (insert expletive here) are they talking about?' is not an uncommon utterance during the literary discourse of high school classrooms. ;-)

If you then mix this ‘inaccessibility of the language’ with an abhorrence for the 'over analysis' at sentence level, many students miss the beauty, themes, insight into the human condition and complexities of how the narrative is woven. This is, of course, is a complete tragedy. It means many students leave Shakespeare bleeding on the classroom floor, never to be revisited.

Enter the FREE Blank Graphic Novel Template!

This free template encourages students to create a no fuss graphic novel summary of Macbeth. All the dialogue and narration has been removed from the template so students must visit a website, read the summary of the play and fill in the blanks to create their own graphic novel. The aim is for students to finish the activity with an overarching understanding of the play's content, structure and schema before they approach the formal study of the play. As a byproduct of this process they might actually enjoy the play.

How it Works:

1. Print off the graphic novel template from
2. Read through each page of the online Macbeth summary from the same site and fill in the blanks in the template.
NB I believe if students do this activity in pairs (2 templates with 1 internet enabled device) the discussions they have about what to write down is valuable on many levels.


* Email a copy of the blank template or the link to the download page to each student.
* Encourage the students to print out the template in color.

Tip for Young Players:

* Have photocopied copies of the blank template handy for those that didn't, couldn't,
wouldn't or... 'forgot' to print it out at home.Kicking off the Activity:


A Tried and Proven Process - Summary

1. Teacher models reading the first page and leads into discussion.
2. In pairs students discuss and record what they think should be written.
3. Students form groups of four (Think. Pair. Square) and discuss what they have
included. Compare.
4. Teacher facilitates discussion on what should be recorded and why.
5. Repeat this process for pages 2 & 3.
6. Students complete the paired summary.
7. Think. Pair. Square.
8. Model Annotation - Return to the graphic novel summary over the course of study to add annotations.
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