Marvellous Mini-beasts – Design a Species

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By creating and designing a new species of mini-beast, students learn how different species are adapted to survive in particular habitats.


  • Marvellous Mini-beasts Adaptation Activity for 7-11 year olds - Teachers' notes.doc
  • Marvellous Mini-beasts for 7-11 year olds - Classroom Presentation.ppt

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    user avatarSCAUSERa year agoreport

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    Useful for an inspiring and creative project homework

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    user avatarvivfre14 years agoreport

    Brilliant resource- plenty of material here. Thank you!

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    user avatarmusickaren4 years agoreport

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    user avatarCRESTstar5 years agoreport

    At CREST Star we love this activity - that's why it is SuperStar accredited! The ARKive activties are all well thought out and the supporting materials are fantastic and really well produced