Maths activities from new National Strategy, tracked back against P Levels

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    user avatarSusan19613 months agoreport

    This is so helpful. Thanks

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    user avatarljodwyer6 months agoreport

    i have just started working at a school for challenged pupils and had not realised how difficult it would be to allow them to be engaged at an appropriate level. this resource has given me a fantastic guide to ensure pupils will receive a deserved level of education and demonstrate progress

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    Thank you so much for sharing, I have just started working with students below the NC level in KS3 and this helped a lot!

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    user avatarcfia year agoreport

    very useful

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    user avatarlonspeda year agoreport

    Yay! Thankie a lot! Our school just recently introduced the use of P Scales to assess the progress of our lovely children. I could hardly understand the concept because it was explained on given limited time. So I did my own research for my own understanding and voila! I found it here! Thankie for having a generous ans selfless heart for sharing these! Kudos TES Resource Team! =)