I have 23 years experience teaching Pre-K through Grade 8 in public and parochial school districts. I am currently teaching music in a STEM school and use a lot of technology in my music class. I had the honor being selected as Teacher of the Year-STEM Academy 2016.I have an eclectic style of teaching and try to incorporate technology and interdisciplinary studies wherever possible. The games that I create incorporate different subject areas and are interactive in nature.

zip, 117.49 MB
zip, 117.49 MB
This virtual dollhouse is a rhythm game to help students practice music rhythms and provide teachers an opportunity to assess students in the process. These rhythms include patterns using quarter notes, half notes, double eighth notes, quarter rests and half rests. This TRIAL version includes TWO full working rooms. As in the full version your students visit each room of the mansion to search for the missing pages of music, they are given examples of rhythms to practice. Each room in the house is like a mini game. This gives your students ample opportunities to practice their rhythms and have several turns each! Students search for Megan's sheet music throughout the house. After playing the game with my students, I have added extra sheets of music in each room to ensure that the kids aren't disappointed once one sheet is found! This game can be projected for a whole group to play or played on a tablet for individual or small group work. It can be played over one or several class periods. LOTS of content here!
It is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom and differentiate instruction.

It also helps students (especially second language learners develop language skills and vocabulary development. But, most importantly, it provides lots of fun while learning about music!

If you and your students enjoy this product there are more in my store like it and many more to come!
Check out my store for the full version of Megan's Musical Mansion at a limited 20% discount!
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