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A simple design of a flag divided into 16 sections with some initial goals for introductory language learners. Originally design for Spanish-learners, it contains sections for students to colour when they can complete simple tasks, such as introduce themselves, say how they are feeling, or how old they are.

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Spanish Flag targets

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CreatedFeb 14, 2010
UpdatedDec 30, 2013

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    This will be fantastic for my bottom set at secondary too.

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    user avatarSAD20122 years agoReport

    Thank you, what a great resource.

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    user avatarpigsney2 years agoReport

    What a lovely idea! Thank you!

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    user avatarkvajeff3 years agoReport

    This is a great idea, I start teaching a new class in January and I am going to use this at the start to see what they already know and build on my teaching from there. Thank you.

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    user avatarkoukliA573 years agoReport

    Thanks so much for sharing.

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