Number work 10s, change, -teens and -ty numbers

Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2010. See Guide for suggestions. Coin cards for the 13/30 up to 19/90 (-teen and -ty numbers) have been included with two different fonts for the numbers. Some children are very distracted by the additions to 1 in Comic Sans, others confuse the 'p' with 9 - especially those who aren't working L-R consistently. The second set is in Rage Italic font which has numbers more like hand-written ones.


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  • Lessiea year agoReport

    Thank you very much, I too have Year 2' s that can't see the difference!

  • indigo9872 years agoReport

    Brilliant, the teen/ty resources are great to really help my less able Year 2s practise the difference!

  • karenfolan3 years agoReport