Looks like a blank document but when you right click on the toolbar it has all the P scales for all subjects. For Word 2007 users, once the document opens click the ‘Add-ins’ tab at the top and all the different P scales will appear. Click on each icon to reveal P scale.


  • P_Scales.doc

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Created: Jan 21, 2008

Updated: Oct 5, 2014

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47 Reviews

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    user avatarfinky2 years agoreport

    Blank document! I tried a few things including following the instructions, but it just didn't work for me.

  • 1
    user avatarnicbrick3 years agoreport

    As with other users, just a blank document unfortunately

  • 5
    user avatarAshgatesue3 years agoreport

    I did as rhianauty said and it worked! Thank you....

  • 4

    I wish I could access them, but I get a blank page.

  • 1
    user avatarJEMMASTORY3 years agoreport

    Blank document. Tried to follow the instructions left by another user, but unfortunately, they did not work.