Pancake day - memory game lesson!

I cut up this worksheet into sections and blue tack it at points around the classroom. I then split the class into the same number of teams. Each team must send one envoy to learn as many facts about that question as they can and then report back to their team, who complete the team question sheet (last page.) Envoys are disqualified if they go more than once. A great, fast paced lesson and pupils are often so competitive that they completely forget they are learning! I go through the information at the end and award points per key piece of information. Winner gets housepoints/prize.


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    Summer1uk3 years agoReport

    Love it! Thank you for sharing.

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    SueBoo3 years agoReport

    Love the idea - a fun and energetic way to learn about Lent. Will use this approach for other ideas to.

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    tangotango3 years agoReport

    I love this, as i am planning for a three form entry year one class, there will be 90 children playing this game in a few short weeks time. thanks

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    MrsDeee4 years agoReport

    Useful starting point - thanks

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Jul 26, 2016