Persuasive Devices

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A single A4 sheet giving examples of around 30 different persuasive techniques used by advertisers in particular. Each comes with an example of how it can be used by students to analyse or create texts with the purpose to persuade. The devices are placed into four categories ranging from * to **** depending on their complexity - I used this to encourage students to incorporate some of the more complex devices into their own work. This can be done through goal-setting, i.e. suggest that able writers must include a total of 15 *s in their work, etc.

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Persuasive Devices

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CreatedAug 22, 2008
UpdatedSep 9, 2014

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    user avatartperr117 months agoReport

    Excellent handout for students to refer to.

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    user avatarwallee098 months agoReport

    I like the inclusion of ratings for the different devices. Top resource!

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    user avatardoffles9 months agoReport

    Just the job! Thanks

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    user avatargreenkim9 months agoReport

    This is just what I was looking for - fab! Thanks.

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    user avatarkilleeney2 years agoReport

    Very Good, just what I was looking for my 2nd year English Class