Pictures of ANIMALS - drawings I made as illustrations for my children stories & fairy-tales

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Here I will place my pictures of animals - in drawing and in water-colors. Free to download and to use. They were made as illustrations and images for several of my fairy-tales and stories I wrote for children of different ages, to help them and give them strength for life.
All animal images are placed in high resolution for free here on TES in the public domain. So you can download or print them free, in a nice quality and in big sizes, if you like. And please, share them with others freely.

I hope you enjoy my animal pictures. - Anneke van der Meer


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  • 0-DRAGONFLY-resting-on-a-leaf.jpg
  • 0-FREE-FLYING-BIRD-in-the-air.jpg
  • 0-MOTHER-HEN-and-her-CHICKS-black-white.jpg
  • 0-OWL-sitting-in-the-TREE.jpg
  • 0-SINGING-BIRDS-on-the-wall.jpg
  • 0-The-Little-PORCELAIN-CLOCK.jpg
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  • 0-Mother-Deer-digs-little-Deer-out-of-the-ground.jpg

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