Pirates Year 2 Stories with a familiar setting

Here is my planning for Unit 1 Narrative Writing for Year 2 - Stories with a familiar setting and some random resources that I have used so far. It is very closely linked to the unit plans and uses three main books - 'The Night Pirates&', &';A New Home for Pirate' and &'Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs&';. The Pirate theme works with this unit because these stories start or have in them familiar settings - e.g. the night pirates starts in Tom's bedroom. Hope these are useful!


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  • Thank you my class really enjoyed using these resources.

  • dumpty7 months agoReport

    An excellent resource to share. You have obviously worked very hard on this and saved many teachers hours of time looking for ideas and the like.

  • Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing your work. I will use this for my EAL pupils.

  • Elainedean2 years agoReport

    Lots of wonderful ideas that I can't wait to try out, saved me a lot of hard work. Much appreciated!

  • Fantastic resource, thanks so much for sharing! A big time saver. Very clear and thorough planning.