High ability year 7


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22 Reviews

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    Very well put together powerpoints. Could not download Adobe acrobat files....my fault probably!

    • user avataremmac86Reply from Author6 months ago

      Hi. I'm not sure if you'll be notified about this response but if you get it and would like the files I can see if they're on my hard drive and email them to you.

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    user avatarraybaykah6 months agoreport

    Looks great; I'm hoping to use several parts of it. I did wonder if the 'Stealing' lesson were available on powerpoint, or some other application other than notebook, as I can't seem to access it . Many thanks!

    • user avataremmac86Reply from Author6 months ago

      Hi. I can check on my hard drive. Sadly, I no longer have notebook on my laptop but I might have an alternative format of the lesson. Let me know and I'll have a look and email you if I find it.

  • 5
    user avatarAoifeMinnock10 months agoreport

  • 5

    Amazing AND helpful!
    Thankyou so much

  • 5
    user avatarGrainneMc2 years agoreport

    Fantastic- very comprehensive and easy to use. Much appreciated.