This is just a set of slightly silly posters I made to help teach and eximplify PEE/PEA (point explain analyse) in a memorable way. I have printed and laminated mine and have them stuck in the classroom. Some could also be printed smaller to stick in exercise books. Please leave feedback, let me know if you find these useful or completely banal!


  • PEA PEE posters.docx

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    user avatarsaluki7 months agoreport

    using for low ability GCSE. Thanks

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    user avatarEmteeuka year agoreport

    I really like the use of Rihanna and Jessie J. Does the job in a fun and clear way.

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    user avatarrlgoldinga year agoreport

    This has really helped my lower Y5 group understand PEE! Thank you!

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    user avatarHannamJH2 years agoreport

    great resource for year 6 primary too! Thanks

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    user avatargg23102 years agoreport

    KitKat is one word, but both K's are upper case!