QR Codes and the National Grid

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A guide on how to create demos with QR codes to let kids find out about parts of the model for themselves and engage in independent learning! Bring up large versions of the QR codes in the The Nat Grid QR Model PPT by clicking on the small QR codes. Click again to make the large version disappear. The Sample Book is show how textbooks can be enriched with QR codes. The link has an iMindMap 5 file downloadable free here http://bit.ly/iyTxQU and it gives more ideas of QR codes in Education.

  • Nat Grid QR Model (Alessio-PC's conflicted copy 2011-12-30)(1).pptx
  • Sample Book QR.pptx
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Nat Grid QR Model (Alessio-PC's conflicted copy 2011-12-30)(1)

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Sample Book QR

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CreatedJan 2, 2012
UpdatedFeb 29, 2012

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    user avatarJan_Webb5 years agoReport

    A fabulous introduction to using QR codes effectively to help learning - whatever the subject!