Great resources which you can adapt for any age. Power Point Slide Show has over 80 slides and covers many topics. Save with different headings then delete slides to give many shorter slide shows - and show with music. Stories are versions of traditional stories about episodes in the lives of deities or the Ramayana and Mahabarata. Over a week’s work in these - and I’ll add to them. Don’t forget to give ratings and comments/feedback to help others find what they need. Contact if you would like a workshop -


  • 2 Introduction to Hinduism - for assembly (extended).ppt
  • 1 Planning for a Hinduism Day with years 1 - 4.doc
  • 3 The Story of Ganesha.doc
  • 8 Ganesh Wins the Race 1.doc
  • 4 episodes from the Ramayana focussing on why we look up to people..doc
  • 5 (this story is set in the Ramayana) How the Indian Squirrel got its stripes.doc
  • 6 The story of Arjuna's Choice (this was used with year four, after an introduction to Krishna and the events of the Mahabarata).doc
  • Rangoli design -.jpg
  • Rangoli Design at the end ot the workshop.jpg

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