Powerpoint Presentations to aid in teaching Macbeth to GCSE students. Complete lessons introducing themes and analysis of the play. Please feel free to use and adapt. Unfortunately I created them using Windows 7, so the powerpoints may not be accessable to all. If you'd like to see them, do send me a message and I can convert and e-mail.


  • Macbeth A1S1.pptx
  • Macbeth A1S3.pptx
  • Macbeth A1S4.pptx
  • Macbeth A1S6.pptx
  • Macbeth A2S1.pptx
  • Macbeth A2S2.pptx
  • Macbeth A2S3.pptx
  • Macbeth A3S1.pptx
  • Macbeth A3S2.pptx
  • Macbeth A4S1.pptx
  • Macbeth A4S3.pptx
  • Macbeth A5S1.pptx
  • Macbeth Coursework Prep.pptx
  • Macbeth Outline.docx

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