Space activity sheets

Worksheets based on Wayland's Popcorn series In Space - 4 books explains the Moon, Sun, planets and the earth. A photocopiable worksheet is available for each book that enables you to ensure that the children have grasped key ideas. Use the worksheets in a guided reading session, for topic-based group work or for homework. Order copies of these books now at and get 10% discount! Please enter promotional code DOWNLOAD10 at checkout to receive your discount.


4 Reviews

  • It's an excellent topic and it's well presented, I'm sure my Chinese kids would enjoy it. Although it's not much use to me because I don't have access to the books. I look to this site for material that I can download and use right away without any complications, depends which country you are in I suppose.

  • Theawray3 years agoReport

    These are useful - and adaptable .....and gives me ideas for other activities

  • kmichele4 years agoReport

    can we get the books as projectables as can't seem to find books in UAE?

  • The quizes on the sheets are good and you could easily use them to fit in with your own plans.