President Barac Obama's Speech to youth on responsibilty. PPT Lessons have been created by myself and have been adapted from a scheme of work found on TES. I felt that Barac Obama's speech on responsibility was more suitable to the students in my class so I did not do the 'Yes We Can' speech as directed in the scheme of work. SOW AND WORKSHEETS attached are from another helpful candidate from the TES


  • less 1.ppt
  • less 2.ppt
  • less 2 greatr Dictator Charlie Chaplin.doc
  • less 3.ppt
  • less 4.ppt
  • less 5.ppt
  • less 6 speech to youth 2.ppt
  • less 2 techniques Technique.doc
  • less 1 Ann Nixon Cooper speech.doc
  • President Barack Obama speech for youth.doc
  • resources from another TES USER.doc
  • scheme of work from another TES USER.doc

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