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Suitable for Year 2 upwards. This You Tube link ( ) has a similar storm image with sound effects to help generate ideas, or you can just use the image. Children can analyse the features of the poem first before writing and performing their own. The first lesson could identify some of the devices and practise using them for thunder, wind and waves. This is to plan for writing their storm poems in the second lesson, starting with a shared write. Lightning could also be used as another verse but it is not technically onomatopoeia; you could though write 'Flash, flash, flash!' Depending on the age you might want to adapt the features, eg skip personification if it is too hard or too much. A template is provided for younger children or those who are weaker writers. Prompt children to notice there are 6 lines in each verse. There are 3 verses; one each for thunder, wind and waves. The verses have a set structure with repetition 'In the stormy sea the....' for the first lines. Onomatopoeia is used at the end of the first lines and the same onomatopoeia again at the last line of each verse. The second and third lines are similes, fourth metaphors and the fifth personification. You don't have to necessarily follow this or a pattern when children write their own, as it may be too tricky and slow them down. There is also some alliteration like 'enormous earthquakes' and the title. Say some of the lines are extended to add extra detail to make it more interesting with words like 'in', 'at' and 'from'(good for higher children). Mention punctuation with ! with the onomatopoeia (sounds they make), commas at the end of each line except for the last line which has an exclamation mark because of onomatopoeia (as opposed to a full stop). Capital letters at the start of each line and a new line for a new idea. The poet's name is at the bottom which can also be mentioned.
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3 years ago

Good exmmples of poetry forms, thanks for sharing.

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