Teachers TV: KS1 / KS2 - Science - Forces

Four primary teachers present their Great Lesson Ideas for teaching forces and motion in science. Year 2 teacher, Jess Scott, explains pushes and pulls, inspiring her class to model a Big Bad Wolf. Working in pairs, one describes which forces they are using as the other models. Deputy, Tony Davies, introduces friction in the 'jelly chopsticks&' race and Year 5 teacher, Kate Mottram, challenges her class to investigate which track will be best for rocket balloons to fly down, covering forces and friction. Finally, an idea from David Aston, using paper helicopters.


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  • mmillara year agoReport

    some great ideas!!! Many thanks

  • dcornyn2 years agoReport

    Great ideas for teaching CLIL and so pass on to other teachers.

  • bradstock3 years agoReport

    Fun and engaging ideas. I will be using the jelly chopsticks and rocket balloon ideas. Thank you.

  • gkilpin13 years agoReport

    Great ideas all in one place! Thank you for saving this from Teachers TV!

  • Rosemary613 years agoReport

    Wow, what great ideas! I will be adding the clay lesson into my planning for the coming term. Thank you so much!