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Three teachers share Great Lesson Ideas to boost pupils' writing skills - and all the resources you need to use these ideas.

The Super Sentence is a good regular KS2 activity which promotes understanding of different ways that sentences can be changed and improved. Next is The Wordscape, which stimulates students in the preparation of writing a description of a setting.

Then Spelling Games shows a variety of simple, fun activities, suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2, to help make spelling lessons more engaging and stimulating.

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CreatedMay 17, 2010
UpdatedJul 12, 2014

29 Reviews

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    user avatarkvap15 days agoReport

    Great ideas , fun resources will use !

  • 5
    user avatarhope922 months agoReport

    A great reminder of something I was taught in training, but have not used. Thank you from an NQT

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    user avatarIdil20208 months agoReport

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    It's excellent! It is guided in a wise way, but also leaves the learners freedom to amend and enrich their writing thus activating their vocabulary and grammar.