The EM Spectrum TV Show

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This set of resources will help you plan and run your Live Online TV Show on a topic of your choice. The exmple in these resources are about the EM Spectrum, but this approach can be adapted to all Phases and subjects! Key Words: EM Spectrum, Electromagnetic, Waves, light, infrared, UV, Radio, Microwave, x-rays, Gamma-rays, Physics, Broadcasting, Audience, Online, Resources, Learners

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Lesson plan

Activity Plan (EM Spectrum Show)

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The EM Spectrum Show (BETT)

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CreatedOct 29, 2011
UpdatedApr 17, 2012

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    user avatarDocras5 years agoReport

    A comprehensive set of resources which help teachers to develop their pupils as knowledge creators and communicators rather than consumers! Watch the power point presentation to find out the benefits. You will be very well supported by the lesson plan, guide and tutorial.