Everything you will need to teach this unique part of Doncaster's history. We hope these resources will offer cross-curricular opportunities and inspire some really creative work. You will find lesson plans, display resources, worksheets and example of children's work. Let us know if there is anything else you require.

Follow this link for the Sand House video on SchoolTube... http://www.schooltube.com/video/57bbcd5159aa45749783/The%20Sand%20House%20-%20elephant%20in%20the%20room


  • SandHouse_lessonplan1_cloisters.pdf
  • SandHouse_lessonplan2_persuade.pdf
  • SandHouse_lessonplan3_scriptreport.pdf
  • SandHouse_lessonplan4_informative.pdf
  • SandHouse_lessonplan5_art.pdf
  • Planning_sheets_for_SandHouse_creative_writing_mid_ability.pdf
  • Planning_sheets_for_SandHouse_creative_writing_lower_ability.pdf
  • Cutting_out_discs_for_SandHouse_creative_writing_planning_sheet.pdf
  • SandHousePoster_Biddy.pdf
  • SandHousePoster_cherub.pdf
  • SandHousePoster_clown.pdf
  • SandHousePoster_elephant.pdf
  • SandHousePoster_king.pdf
  • SandHousePoster_pat.pdf
  • TheSandHouse_displaytitle.pdf
  • SandHouseTimelinev3.pdf
  • WhatWasTheSandHouse.pdf
  • WhoMadeTheSandHouse.pdf
  • SandHouseCreative_lowres.pdf
  • SandHouseSampleWriting.pdf
  • SandHouse_reading_comp_A.doc
  • SandHouse_reading_comp_BA.doc
  • SandHouse_reading_comp_AA.doc
  • Sandhouse-Talk-for-Schools.ppt
  • Sand-House-reading-comp.pdf
  • Sand-House-reading-comp-questions.pdf

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    user avatarrnbell2 years agoreport

    As promoter of all things related to the Sand House, I was delighted when Phil Sheppard offered to produce this education pack. I had already addressed many primary school children (and thousands of adults!) on the subject of the Sand House and discovered how quickly they become fascinated by this unique feature of Doncaster's history. Although I am not a teacher, I do believe that this education pack provides everything necessary for the Sand House to be taught in a clear and entertaining manner. Please take a look for yourself.