This unit takes students into a wild and interesting corner of Yunnan. It can be used to enhance locational, Place and Physical Geography (Stage 3 UK) or Physical geography of rivers and valleys (Australian curriculum) Add to that the environmental debate over the proposed placement of a large dam that would have caused the displacement of nearly 100,000 people - mainly from a minority group- and the use of this unit is broadened. If that isn't enough to entice you to use it - add the story of a very athletic tiger that is said to have leaped across a gorge to escape pursuing hunters. This is a very wild environment and students can easily recognise the power of the water as it rushes through the narrow gorge. Join in the tour and take the carriage ride through part of the gorge. A final test page is provided in colour (for screen projection and discussion) and in black and white for hard copy provision. This is a very interesting area of China and will be followed in other units by excursions into the mountain and lake district.



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