Transpiration experiment

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Worksheet that guides students through an investigation to compare water loss from the upper and lower surfaces of leaves. Also includes an opportunity to view stomatal prints with microcopes. Questions guide students through the variables and controls.

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Transpiration experiment

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CreatedOct 29, 2011
UpdatedSep 24, 2016

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    user avatarmajidah6 days agoReport

    Very good. thank you so much

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    user avatarMMMSa year agoReport

    Excellent, especially the analysis. Well done and thank you

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    This is incredible - a whole lesson planned for me - thanks!!

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    user avatarS_L3 years agoReport

    Brilliant, thank you so m uch!

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    user avatarnicki_p4 years agoReport

    Thanks a lot. Also using it for AQA unit 3. Not a lot else on the net for practical work on transpiration.

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