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Just a simple display resource to be laminated and then children add their ideas using whiteboard pen. Have edited it match the highlighters we mark the children's work with and changed the yellow so its easier to read :)

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Display and posters

VCOP_Display landscape

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Display and posters


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CreatedJan 6, 2013
UpdatedJan 17, 2017

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    user avatargedoc5 months agoReport

    Love this simple interactive idea for my writing area in my Year 2 class.

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    user avatarirene474 years agoReport

    I turned them into landscape posters and changed the yellow, which does not show up too well, for other colours, but the hard work was done already, so thanks. I am just setting up an interactive literacy corner, so these posters are perfect.

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    user avatarbadloe4 years agoReport

    Thanks. I am trying to make my Literacy display as interactive as possible and this will be a great addition.

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