Vikings Song - 'Sailors, Adventurers and Warriors'

“Sailors, Adventurers and Warriors” provides a very brief history of where the Vikings came from and where they settled. It is a sample song from my set of seven songs on the Vikings. The complete set is available either from my web site or from here on TES under the heading "Vikings". The songs would also support work on the theme of “Settlers and Invaders”. They have also been used successfully in school assemblies.
I've tried to make the songs fun to sing as well as being factually accurate.
Feedback would be appreciated!


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    This would be great for my year 3/4 class...but would love the full mp3 of piano music and singing as i´m not much of a music teacher myself! Can´t find it on the website or on here...only the first verse.

    Great resources though!

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    Just what I was looking for. Thanks

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    Great song for a class assembly on Vikings

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    user avatarckgwookey2 years agoReport

    Wow! Super song Thank you: I can't wait to try it with my class!