Vincent van Gogh PowerPoint

PowerPoint which can be used as a stimulus for an art lesson


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  • This might be ok for primary.

  • katielamb3 months agoReport

    A good resource which I will use. However, there are some grammatical and spelling errors which will have to be edited.

  • sjr28a year agoReport

    Agreeing with another review, this is a great place to start. You've saved me time!! Thank you.

  • gingersala year agoReport

    Thank-you. Good intro to the topic.

  • Lisartia year agoReport

    This is a great starting point, I would never be harsh at all but would make the suggestion that you don't squidge paintings out of their natural composition as it changes the original massively, keep them the right proportion. Thanks for sharing, it takes two seconds to tweak x