A literacy plan withresources that go with the plan and I have obtained from all sorts of places or created myself. ALL the reosurces go with the plan. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK :D


  • Literacy Planning Instructions.doc
  • Adverb cards.docx
  • Evaluation of a Game record.docx
  • Games to evaluate.docx
  • Green_summer_pudding without adverbs.doc
  • Green_summer_pudding without imperative verbs.doc
  • Green_summer_pudding without time connectives.doc
  • Green_summer_pudding.doc
  • imperative verb cards.docx
  • instruction_writing powerpoint.pptx
  • instructions_word_mat.docx
  • Key word plan for reds before flow chart.docx
  • literacy witches fingers evaluation.docx
  • Making the perfect Teacher Flow Chart lowers.docx
  • Making the perfect Teacher Flow Chart middles.docx
  • Making the perfect Teacher Flow Chart.docx
  • Number one first flow chart for instructions.docx
  • number one first game instructions writing frame.docx
  • Picture instructions.docx

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    user avatarannec663a month agoreport

    Comprehensive and fun. Thank you.

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    user avatarPepi102 months agoreport

    These are fun activities for the students, especially the game evaluation. Well done.

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    user avatarvano11114 months agoreport

    Thank you for sharing fantastic resourcxes

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    user avatarZahrahButt236 months agoreport

    Fantastic Resource! I appreciate you sharing your hard work. Has saved me a great deal of time.

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    user avatarcolettesmith9 months agoreport

    I appreciate your hard work. These can easily be adapted to suit my class. Very useful resources.