A Powerpoint lesson presentation looking at improving students' writing skills. It examines why we use short paragraphs and how we know when to start a new paragraph (Tip Top: TIme change, Place change, new TOpic, new Person).


  • Short paragraphs and TiP ToP.ppt

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Created: Nov 30, 2009

Updated: Aug 2, 2014

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    user avatarlistmaker2 years agoreport

    used this resource this week. My class now quote TIP TOP to each other! Thanks

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    user avatarmaddie20042 years agoreport

    Good for lessons but didn't explain how to use the TiP ToP method which is what I was looking for.

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    user avatarKalamkaar3 years agoreport

    Thank you - this is a great resource.

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    Love this, used with a reluctant year 8 class as revision.

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    user avatarYvonne475 years agoreport

    Thanks for spending the time to share your useful resource. People like you are most thoughtful indeed. It aids pupils and teachers all over the country to raise education levels. Well done from me! A meer supply teacher in secondary education : )