WWI, the short-term causes

Who’s it for: This lesson was designed for Year 9 pupils as their first lesson examining WWI, specifically the causation of WWI
What’s included: 1 lesson plan, 1 lesson PowerPoint, 1 homework sheet on the causes of WWI.
The class reading resources come from the following textbook (not attached due to copyright reasons):
Why it’s useful: This is lesson provides pupils with a useful start towards understanding the causation of WWI. I find it’s more useful to start with the short-term causes of WWI so that pupils are more engaged from the start.
Learning objectives:
To understand why Franz Ferdinand was killed.
To understand how Ferdinand’s assassination led to an escalation of tensions within Europe which resulted in WWI
To realise that Franz Ferdinand’s assassination was only the trigger in causing WWI. There were other underlying causes which caused WWI.


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