A complete teaching package including comprehensive lesson plans and all resources for the 3 week Stories with familiar settings unit. Originally designed for use in a low ability EAL setting with limited resources, I have used suggestions from other contributors to help develop this package.


  • Year 3 Narrative Unit 1 lesson plans.doc
  • Resource A - Iggy Pig.doc
  • Resource B - Display.doc
  • Resource C - word cards.doc
  • Resource D - Sugar Mountain.doc
  • Resource E - Describing a picture.doc
  • Resource F - Adjectives display.doc
  • Resource G - Settings checklist.doc
  • Resource H - My setting.doc

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71 Reviews

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    user avatarscrubchub4 months agoreport

    Wow - this could actually be the best example of planning I've ever downloaded! Very thorough, with all the resources you need, organised and referred to logically on the planning. Children enjoyed it as well (most importantly!). Resources and planning like these make me feel guilty for not uploading more of my own!

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    user avatarlibby72798 months agoreport

    Brilliant - thank you.

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    user avatarlanglaisea year agoreport

    Absolutely fabulous- accessible but with challenge, fun and inspiring- perfect. My class and I are very greatful !

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