Year 4 Unit 5 plays planning week 1,2&3

Three weeks of planning for Year 4, Unit 5 plays using Fantastic Mr. Fox as a starting point and moving on to 'The Gruffalo'. I've also included resources for day one :)


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  • lis7pepi13 days agoReport

    Please could you send the resources if you still have them?

  • Wow brilliant planning, this will be very helpful! Is there any chance you have the resources for the Mr Fox playscript?

  • shibbard2 months agoReport

    Excellent best ever! Thank you.

  • Dimpsx4 months agoReport

    Thank you so much, FAB planning which has really helped me as an NQT :)

  • ac27096 months agoReport

    Brilliant first lesson! I've just wondering if you have any of the resources for the Mr. Fox playscript? The one I've downloaded online doesn't teach the children the criteria needed for a good play.