Three weeks of planning for Year 4, Unit 5 plays using Fantastic Mr. Fox as a starting point and moving on to 'The Gruffalo'. I've also included resources for day one :)


  • lit unit 5 wk 1.docx
  • 3 little pigs.docx
  • Goldilocks into script.docx
  • jack and beanstalk.docx
  • red riding hood.docx
  • Unit 5 Plays week 2.doc
  • lit unit 5 wk 3.docx
  • stage directions.docx

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    Lots of wonderful activities. Thank you

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    user avatartalhuta year agoreport

    Fantastic time saver! Thank you

  • 5
    user avatarabeehaa year agoreport

    hi Im finding it difficult to get these resources. please could you email them to me if possible.

  • 5
    user avatarlis7pepia year agoreport

    Please could you send the resources if you still have them?

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    Wow brilliant planning, this will be very helpful! Is there any chance you have the resources for the Mr Fox playscript?