Year 6 Writing SATs checklist for levels

I've gone through the mark schemes and pulled out key points for children to check for to be sure of securing a level 4 or level 5. I've separated it into three strands (as in the long writing) so that the children get the idea that they need to get everything in a particular group to secure the marks. Hope you find it useful! Level 3 now added.


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  • Chrisrulz17 days agoReport

    Thank you. Although we don't have SATs here in Australia, this is a very useful checklist for any Year 6 teacher to go over with their students.

  • GeaSportel18 days agoReport

    Very useful. Thank you

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    Thank you for sharing your resource. This resource has been recommended for teachers by the TES Resource Team.

  • LucyLou882 months agoReport

    Child-Friendly and useful to get children to progress their own writing in a lot of key areas. Thank you!

  • Bloo8 months agoReport

    Fabulous - thank you.