Year 8 English Booster SoW - Writing Styles

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This is a half term's SoW for a booster class (one additional lesson of English a week). This unit is titled 'Music Producer'. The class creates their own music act & then completes a series of tasks based around them. The unit looks at the following: writing to inform (interview / information pages for a magzine); non-fiction design techniques (creating a suitable album cover, with awareness of techniques é effect on audience); emotive writing (sending an email home during the tour); advertising (producing a storyboard for a tv advert for the first single)

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Unit of work

Music Producer SoW

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Music Producer Task Sheet

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CreatedOct 4, 2011
UpdatedMar 4, 2012

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    user avatarlucifeur5 years agoreport

    This is an excellent SoW - I adapted it use with Y7 for an Olympics project, but the tasks were based around similar ideas on writing to inform/advertise etc. Thanks. Helped out a student teacher in need of fun ideas :)

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    user avatarruthtammi5 years agoreport

    An excellent resource which is imaginative and exciting. The task sheet is crystal clear and well presented. The scheme of work is a great time-saver for anyone who uses this superb resource.

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