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Heather Imrie
17th February 2016
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January was the best month ever for TES premium resources

Last week we celebrated a year since teachers were able to choose to sell their resources on TES, and as an added bonus, January was the best sales month ever for TES Authors!

We've noticed a growing trend of teachers being prepared to pay for high quality sets, packs and groups of materials. To show-off some of the outstanding resources that TES Authors are producing, we've picked three of our top sellers to highlight.


Paul Urry

Offering resources that are suited to the recent curriculum changes, Paul Urry was nominated for the TES Resources Contributor of the Year in 2015 and is one of the top selling TES Authors.

Example of a bestselling resource: Complete Year 3 multi-task spelling bees scheme £10

Number of sales: 205 purchases

Find out more: Paul Urry's shop and TES News article on Paul Urry



KS2History, a popular primary Author on TES, uses the curriculum to target her resource packs and thinks history can be a great vehicle for improving children's literacy.

Example of a bestselling resource: Stone Age Boy literacy planning £5

Number of sales: 227 purchases

Find out more: KS2History's shop and KS2History's featured author blog post


extra golden-time 

Maurice Leahy is the teacher behind extra golden-time and his resources use dice and games to encourage children to practise their grammar skills. 

Example of a bestselling resource: 28 English grammar dice games £12

Number of sales: 268 purchases

Find out more: extra gold-time's shop and extra golden-time's featured author blog post


What else?

If you're already an author and considering what to share next, check out our spring insights guides that share tips and stats on what's popular in our busiest month of the year, March.

Last year, there were over 24 million resource downloads in March, so why not publish your resources now ahead of the rush?


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