Author on TES: Australian teacher, Malcom Brown

Lenore Rodrigues
13th January 2016
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Malcom Brown is the first Australian author to be featured on our blog and has published over 60 resources. He lets us in on his teaching background, why he publishes free and premium resources, plus his top tip for new authors.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Me? I have a go at being a presenter, curriculum writer, educationalist, moderator, facilitator, coordinator, PowerPoint guru, traditionalist, student, linguist, tutor, teacher and supporter.  

Growing up, I attended six different schools and later attended three different universities. This made it easier for me to adapt into a school’s culture during my teaching career and proved useful in the 12 schools I've taught in.  

During my professional career, I have also trained in the government and corporate sectors, presented to dozens of groups and published books, packs, curriculum resources and magazines.

Why did you decide to join TES and share your resources?

TES provides me with a very profitable facility to showcase my love of publishing curriculum material which supports effective learning in the classroom.

In my middle school classes, students expect that the learning will be relevant, current and fun, and so my material is designed to meet their expectations.  

I develop learning packs that I enjoy teaching, which is why in my TES Shop you will see packs on humour principles, packs that use Google Street View and packs that cover many current affairs topics, such as the issue of gun control.

The other great thing about sharing my resources on TES is that it encourages me to improve the presentation of my products even more because I know they will have a wider audience.

You’ve published both free and premium resources, why?

The free resources section allows me to show off my style. Every teacher has their own style and it is important to me that anyone investing in my premium resources knows exactly what type of material they will be getting.

What do you think makes a good resource?

Great teaching resources are ones that engage the student fully. If you can see how a resource can support your teaching and give you an idea about how to engage your students, then it’s a good resource for you to use in your classroom.

What tips would you give to a teacher who is considering publishing their resources on TES?

My only tip for teachers would be to make sure you have trialled your resources with your class.

Your students will provide you with the best feedback. You'll get some ideas on how to improve your material, as well as information on anything that is not clear to the student.  

Personally, I don’t chase the trends. I only produce resources that I know work for me and my students. If the resources work in my classroom, then there will surely be someone else out there interested in using them too.


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