Author on TES: French expert, Chez Galamb

Sian Evans
07th June 2016
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Kellie Galamb works as a French teacher in Canada and publishes on TES as Chez Galamb. Read on to see why she decided to join TES, the challenges of making language resources and her top tips for prospective authors

Can you tell us a bit about your professional background?

I fell in love with the French language after living as an exchange student in Switzerland. I started my career teaching French as a second language for Grades 4-8, and now I teach Grade 2 French immersion, as all subject areas are taught in French in Southern Ontario, Canada. I became a French teacher because I wanted to share my love of languages with my students, encourage them to travel and show them they could practise their language skills while learning about other cultures.

Why did you decide to join TES to share your resources?

I have been using TES for many years, and have always enjoyed being able to connect globally with other professionals.  Now that I have the capabilities to sell my resources, I love using the extra income it generates to beautify my classroom, or to save for a vacation. I love to travel, and want to see the world!

Which is your most popular resource and why do you think that it is the most popular? 

One of my most popular resources is my maison complete unit. I think it is successful because it is an entire unit of work, and the activities span across listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Along with games and interactive components, the resource is designed to keep students entertained, while learning important concepts.  

What is the hardest part of making resources for languages?

I find that it is difficult keeping the material interesting and engaging within the restraints of using limited vocabulary. We want students to love what they are doing, and to be speaking the target language, but they often lack the vocabulary necessary to communicate their thoughts and feelings. To be successful, a unit needs to be carefully planned to scaffold their previous learning and provide them with the most pertinent vocabulary.

What are your top tips for anyone thinking about publishing their resources on TES?

If you are just starting to share your materials, be patient and believe in your resources. I think it is a good idea to ask yourself why you create the resource and make sure that is reflected in a thorough description. That way, your customers know exactly what they are purchasing. 


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