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Lenore Rodrigues
03rd November 2016
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Sebastian Mockler, TES Author sebastian222, talks about perfecting his lesson resources and how he tackles tricky grammar

Tell us a bit about your professional background.

I started my career in the finance sector but after a few years, I felt drawn towards teaching. So in 2010, after marrying an Australian and moving to Melbourne, I got my first job as a full-time German teacher.

Teaching German over the last six years has given me invaluable experience and a range of insights into the pitfalls and obstacles of learning a foreign language. However, it has also given me many fresh ideas to engage students in their pursuit of mastering a new tongue.

I hope that the resources I’ve created offer new ideas for inspiring and motivating learners, while simultaneously saving teachers' time.

Which is your favourite resource and why?

I have created a comprehensive, color-coded presentation*, which allows students to study and revise individual aspects of word order according to their needs.

While grammar can be very daunting and a hard-sell to any German class, I believe that understanding order is one of the most important linguistic aspects. Once mastered, texts of any level are far more accessible and comprehensible to learners and all of a sudden, German is a lot more fun!

What is the hardest part of making resources for languages?

In order to learn effectively, students need resources that are clear, easy to understand and which involve plenty of repetition in a variety of ways.

That’s why I constantly re-evaluate my resources in light of what worked and what didn’t after a lesson, meaning every resource has been carefully scrutinised. Coming up with quality resources is time-consuming, and I always opt for quality over quantity.

What advice would you give to teachers who are thinking about publishing their resources?

Try out your resources with a number of classes to see what works and what doesn’t. Change them, add to them, and make them engaging. When you are happy with the result and you believe it is going to make a difference to students and other teachers, then it is time to publish your resource.

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