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Lenore Rodrigues
24th January 2017
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Kim Maloney, TES Author AussieMusicTeacher, shares her tips on getting students to set Smart targets

Tell us a little about your teaching background

For over 30 years, I have been teaching music privately as well as in high schools and colleges. I have a B.Mus.Ed double major (piano and voice), A.Mus.A (singing) and the Certificate IV in assessment and workplace training, which qualifies me to teach the music industry course offered in Australian schools. I also run an extra-curricular SATB a cappella choir.

Why should we encourage students to set their own goals?

Setting goals is an important component of a student's motivation, self-regulation and achievement in the classroom. Too often, we set goals for them without carefully considering what it is they actually want to achieve.

To overcome this issue, I have developed a display and scaffolding resource to help support goal-setting lessons. Allowing students to create their own goals means that they are personally invested and therefore inspired to work towards them throughout the year.

How do you teach students about setting goals? 

To give students some ideas, I begin with three questions to frame a brief discussion about goals: what are goals, what does it takes to achieve them and what are some examples of goals you might set yourself this year?

At an appropriate point in the discussion, I make sure we cover the fact that we don’t always achieve the goals we set for ourselves and get students to think about the reasons this can happen.

What kind of goals should students set?

They should set Smart goals. They need to be specific; students should describe the where and why of what they want to achieve. They need to be measurable; for example, how many times or often do students want to achieve their goals? They must also be achievable, relevant to the individual students’ needs and completed within a given time frame.

It is important that students write down their goals and their plan for achieving them. This simple step is what makes the goal-setting process real!

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