Author tips for promoting your resources on Pinterest

Chris Birrell
08th December 2017
Author tips for promoting your resources on Pinterest

Keen to promote your resources on Pinterest but not sure where to start or how to improve your social strategy? These pinning insights from three Tes authors will help you grow your following and sales.

In the third of our series of social media blog posts, we will cover key pinning tips and tricks - we’re focusing on Pinterest and we’ll be featuring three Tes teacher-authors who’ve created Pinterest pages and boards which stand out visually and are full of engaging, teacher-friendly content. These authors are pros at promoting their resources on Pinterest as well.

We’re going to pick one key thing we love about each Pinterest page and showcase some of our favourite pins and boards. Each author has also provided their top Pinterest tip – essential insights for aspiring pinners! We’ll then cover three top recommendations for how you can best manage your own Pinterest page.

By seeing how much these great authors get out of the time and effort they invest in Pinterest, we hope you’ll feel confident and inspired to get active on social media too!

Tes author: The Teacher’s Toolkit (Wendy)

The initial thing that hits you when you land on Teacher’s Toolkit | Teaching Resources page is the richness and variety of teaching resources on offer. Wendy from Teacher’s Toolkit, who runs the page, has managed to build up a number of boards across a variety of interesting educational subjects close to her heart, and she has amassed over 7,000 followers which is a great achievement. Wendy has created boards with a colourful, inviting look and feel that reflect her background in primary teaching. She also pays great attention to detail, attaching a memorable primary/elementary style cover photo to each board. You look at each board and you immediately get a clear sense of the kind of content you’re going to get if you click through to the board!

Here’s a great example of one of Wendy’s boards with an engaging cover image:

On Wendy's page, every board is also full, which is important on Pinterest. It shows she’s serious about her pinning and has committed to filling her boards with great content. It’s worth noting that Wendy is a ‘contributor pinner’ on quite a few massive educational boards in her area, (including two Tes Resources boards) which helps to get her pins in front of a bigger audience.

One of the great challenges for anyone growing a Pinterest page is spending a decent amount of time growing the volume of pins across your own boards. This is the essential ‘keep at it’ bit that requires consistent activity. Wendy does very well here, having pinned over 9,000+ pins – no mean feat!

In a nutshell, what we love most about Wendy’s page is her hard work and dedication to building an inspiring primary/elementary-focused page, with a high volume of regular pinning and a range of well thought out and nicely-designed boards.


Wendy’s top Pinterest tip for Tes authors:

Don’t pin manually – it will take over your life – use a scheduler such as Tailwind or BoardBooster and recycle your content automatically!


Tes author: EC Resources (Emily)

The next teacher-author that’s doing great things on Pinterest, is best-selling Tes author Emily of EC Resources. Emily specialises in secondary PSHE, Citizenship and RE resource creation and is relatively new to Pinterest - but already, she has a great-looking page. Emily's page is ‘one to watch’ on Pinterest and looking at her boards you can see how much effort she has packed into the last few months to create such an active looking home for her teaching brand. She's already pinned over 1,000 pins to her own page – a great inspiration for other Tes authors thinking of getting started on Pinterest.

Emily's enthusiasm to get her page moving led her to approach as about the opportunity pin to a few of Tes' Pinterest boards as a ‘contributor pinner’*. So Emily's resources now appear on Tes' contributor boards which have a large audience and are seen by all the teachers globally who follow these boards and receive pinning notifications.

Here is an eample of one of the @TesResources boards (Secondary: PSHE Resources) Emily is pinning to:

As you can see, the Tes PSHE board above has over 240,000 followers so Emily and her EC Resources pins start to benefit from the added visibility. Further, by her close association with Tes she positions herself as someone who is an expert in the area she is pinning on. And we are also ever-grateful for all the brilliant pins she continues to share there!

*Becoming a contributor pinner is an opportunity open to all Tes authors! If you would like to help out on a specific board on the @TesResources Pinterest page, simply send an email about you, your Pinterest page, and the board you want to pin on to:

Emily’s top Pinterest tip for Tes authors:

Think visual! Pinterest is all about eye-catching images. Some of the most popular pins are actually action shots, so for example, use a picture of a child's hand completing an engaging and colourful part of your resource. Have a think and get creative!


Tes author: The Arty Teacher

The final teacher-author we’re featuring is The Arty Teacher:

Sarah, the resource creator behind The Arty Teacher, is a secondary art teacher who runs a super-inspiring Pinterest page with over 1,000 followers and 5,000+ pins on her page. All of Sarah’s social pages focus, to some degree, on her obvious passion for art (check out her lovely Facebook page if you get a chance). But her Pinterest page takes her visual dedication to art a step further!

She currently has over 50 amazing boards, and the majority of them are on a diverse range of art subjects and will give inspiration to teachers and students alike. Sarah is also a contributor pinner to the Tes Pinterest page on a number of art-related boards. Listing a few of the board names Sarah has on her page gives a snapshot of the wide-range of art subjects she features, including: Impressionism, Collage, Portraits, Sculpture, alongside boards focusing on key artists:

What we love most about The Arty Teacher’s Pinterest page is the way that she inspires others by sharing and showing her passion for art. As well as talking about her own resources on Tes, she also shares what it is that inspires her out there in the world of art. Sarah’s approach to pinning and the art-focused boards she has created are a brilliant mix of content related to her resources and what inspires her as a lover of art and secondary art teacher. Her passion for all forms of art draws you in and the volume of boards she has created on such a range of art subjects is visually inspiring. 

Sarah’s top Pinterest tip for Tes authors:

Combine creating boards that teachers would find really useful with making your own striking graphics for your resources that are relevant to those boards. For making graphics I really like using where you can upload photos and use their pre-made templates.  They’re really fun to make!


Three key Tes tips for Authors using Pinterest

  • Use a pinning ‘scheduling tool’ like BoardBooster or Tailwind to allow you to streamline time spent pinning to your boards and automate this work so you aren't permanently spending your time pinning live. 
  • Spend a chunk of time initially filling your page with many boards that are being searched for. Make sure to check the most popular board ideas, don't just create a board for the sake of it. Check to see if there is a level of demand out there for it first. Go to the 'Discover' tab on Pinterest as a starting point. 
  • Become a contributor pinner on boards with influence (why not start with Tes! – email me: Also, ask to join contributor boards with much larger follower numbers than yours. Find boards relevant to your specialist area and get pinning to increase the reach of your pins and raise your visibility with their followers. This should in turn bring you more followers and drive interest to your page and boards.



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