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Sian Evans
13th September 2016
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Author advice: Ideas for improving your chance of sales

There is no magic formula for creating a resource that will always sell. However, below are some ideas that take into consideration what teachers are looking for, how you can review your resources and tips to make your resource page work harder to represent your quality content.

Do your research

Spend time exploring the site and understanding what else is out there on TES Resources. Thinking about what your resource looks like from a buyer perspective can be a useful exercise. Try out a variety of keyword searches a teacher might use if they were looking for a resource like yours. Take a closer look at what results appear, not just your own. How do they stand out in a search page? How appealing does your resource look compared to others?

In particular, think about how you have priced your resource. For example, if you have a scheme of work plan priced at £15, and you find a similar well-reviewed scheme of work priced at £15 that includes lesson presentations and homework tasks, you may want to consider whether you can bundle content together to make a more complete package? Equally, if you have a whole scheme of work and resources and are selling it at £2, it may seem too good to be true!

Whatever the resource, it’s important you set your prices at a level that you’re happy with and that reflects the work and effort you’ve put into them. Don’t undersell yourself, but do keep in mind that in a marketplace pricing is competitive and it’s worth taking a look at what similar resources are going for.

Key points

  • Look at similar resources for points of comparison and difference
  • Think about first impressions of your resource from a teacher perspective
  • Reflect on your pricing and packaging

Review your page

Keeping in mind the research you have done, go back to your resource page and review it as objectively as you can. Have you included everything the teacher needs, or explained exactly what is and isn’t included? Could you add anything else to provide a more developed resource pack? It’s useful to revisit the files you’ve uploaded, as schools often have limited software, so common and accessible file types are best.

Consider changing your title to ensure that it is relevant, clear and specific. Go over the description to provide teachers with as much detail as possible and check you’ve included keywords as part of this. Don’t forget to proofread – a single mistake could put off buyers who might think your resource will also contain typos!

Your resource tagging is also really important. Make sure you don’t overtag, but instead carefully choose the most relevant age, subject and topic categories to ensure your resource reaches the right audience.

No resource page is complete without a preview image. Not only does the preview catch your attention when searching the TES site, but it also shows teachers the highlights of your resource. Your files should automatically generate a preview image, but you can additionally add a resource cover image as part of the upload process.

Key points

  • Review the content of your resource
  • Ensure that your title and description are clear and explain what the resource contains
  • Make sure that you have preview images and/or a cover image that showcase the value of your resource

Raise your profile

Just like brands in the supermarket, people are typically drawn to what they know. Simple changes like putting a link to your shop on all your resources, along with a quick line about what other resources you have published, will help to raise your profile on the site.

Make time to interact with teachers using the reviews at the bottom of each resource page. It is your opportunity to take action and react to any negative reviews that might be putting off potential buyers. Alternatively, you can offer positive reviewers your thanks and suggest other resources that they might want to purchase.

Finally, self-promotion on social media is an ideal way to shout about your own resources and let others know when you have published new content.  ​Social networks are also a great place to promote your own resources sales, should you decide to give the author discount tool a try.  Why not include @tesResources in any tweets for a chance to be retweeted by TES? 

Key points

  • Include a link to your shop on your resource pages
  • Reply to reviews, whether they are positive or negative
  • Promote yourself on social media


For more inspiration and support, check out the author section of our blog, where you can find tips, guidance and author features. If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated TES Author team.


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