Opening your TES Shop: Essential FAQs

Heather Imrie
22nd September 2015
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Essential questions about how to open your TES Shop

So you may have noticed a change when you click on some resources authors’ profile pages? We’ve developed a new “shopfront” page for authors to showcase their resources, explain a bit about themselves and to highlight their best materials. We’ve listed below some of the common FAQs, but if you have questions or feedback, please do let us know!

Before we get into specifics, what are we talking about here?

Once you publish 10 premium resources you become a bronze author, and you can also now open your shop!

Take a look at these authors who have already set up their TES Shop:

BetsyBelleTeachesFrench's Shop

KS2History's Shop

Skillsheets's Shop

Oceanic-dolphin's Shop

Vcurrie19's Shop

PollyPuddleduck's Shop

(please note, you need to be logged in to view authors' shops)

OK, it looks nice, but how is it different to my profile?

The shop lets you add a cover image, which acts as a banner on your page. The dimensions are 1144 by 250 - let us know if you're struggling to get your image to look right!

You can add multiple links – to your website and to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts.

Downloaders who visit your profile will see your best performing resources and can choose to filter by subject.

Once you have published more than 12 resources, you can turn on the ‘Featured resources’ functionality and choose three resources to promote at the top of your shop.

What else do I need to know?

Your shop is separate to your site-wide profile page. When you’re all set-up, downloaders in resources who click on your avatar or username will be taken to your shop, rather than your profile.

I’m ready! How do I access my shop?

There is a link in the navigation bar at the top of the page, beside My resources and Add new resource. You will also see a link in the drop-down box from your avatar in the top right when you’re signed in to TES.

Or, if you're already logged in, click this link to go straight to your shop page:

Help, I’m struggling with something

Troubles editing your shop? We’ve done our best to make it as straight-forward as possible, but if you have any questions, just ask us for help!

This is the first version of the TES Shop and we’re always keen to hear ideas and suggestions for new features that we can get our development team working on – drop us an email if you have any thoughts on how we can make things better.


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