Bev Evans resource author of the year shortlist 2019

Bev Evans Resource Author of the Year Award

In her lifetime, Bev (pictured, above) created more than 1,000 resources, which have been downloaded almost 9 million times in over 200 countries! Bev's resource 'flight path' was so prolific, we renamed the 'Resource Author of the Year' award at the annual prestigious Tes Awards in memory of her life and commitment to special needs students and education.

Paul Urry - 'Bev Evans Resource Author of the Year' 2016

Paul Urry, the winner in 2016, talks about what Tes means to him and what inspired him to start creating resources.

In 4 years he's created over 700 resources that have been downloaded over 4 million times in 163 countries!

"His resources are hugely popular because they address the major curriculum changes that have taken place in England, while at the same time being adaptable for individual contexts. It is the incredible support that Urry provides to other teachers that so impressed the judges. Urry’s resources stand out for being particularly dynamic and engaging, and have achieved overwhelmingly positive reviews.”

On Paul Urry's nomination

Paul Urry's Resources - 2016 Winner

Updated Year 5 2014 spelling bees multi-task scheme

*COMPLETE RESOURCE OF 36 LISTS NOW AVAILABLE - see below or look at* - First 12 weekly lists based on the new 2014 spelling guidance for year 5. Activities include word-searches, word jumbles, definitions, alphabetical lists, flashcards, sentences, crack the code and look, say, cover, write, check. All files are in word for easy editing. Please see guide for more information. Years 6, 4, 3 and phonic phases 2-6 resources are also available in my resources list. Keep up to date with the spelling bees scheme by liking a dedicated facebook page -
By paul urry

Queen Elizabeth II Powerpoint

On the 10th September 2015, the queen will become the longest reigning UK monarch. This is an introduction to her life, ideal for whole school or class assemblies
By paul urry

Remembrance Day assembly picture short story and follow up questions

A short story with 25 photographs to introduce aspects of the first world war. Ideal for assemblies or class discussions. Armistace Day. Wilfred Owen and Dulce et decorum est.

Photos can be used in teaching to focus on:

life in the trenches
propaganda posters of world war 1
under-age conscription
the meaning of the poppy

This is all through Wilfred Owen's poem the 'lie' of - dulce et decorum est (How sweet and honourable it is to die for one's country)

I wrote this initially for armistice day - useful for an 11th November assembly
By paul urry

Maths Squared - Assessing Year 4 Maths Without Levels - A complete scheme

Need a clear, consistent and easy to use system for assessing Year 4 Maths without levels?

Year 4 maths areas covered:
number and place value

The series contain over 200 short assessment tasks for every statement from year 1 to year 6. Assessment without levels is about continuous assessment but within a structured and robust system to ensure consistency of approach. These assessments can be done quickly, at any time and repeated as the children will not know the answers. They can be done as a class, a group or individually.
The number of assessments are as follows
Year 1 – 20
Year 2 – 34
Year 3 - 33
Year 4 – 44
Year 5 - 49

To support teachers, I have provided:
• Answers for each sheet
• Colour coded year group sheets
• An overview of all the statements organised by mathematical area
• A guide on what stage to assess the children at. I have used beginning, working within and secure as statements but these can be adapted to your system

This is the first part of a major scheme - maths squared - that will encompass pre-learning, focus on maths vocabulary. activities and assessment. So please do follow me to keep up to date
By paul urry

Gianfranco Conti's Resources - 2015 Winner

GCSE Intensive verbs and tenses revision

A number of grammar quickies and gap-fill exercises to practise tenses and reading comprehension skills across most GCSE topics. For free self-marking ONLINE grammar activities go to and select grammar modules. For a free interactive ONLINE verb trainer go to:
By Gianfranco Conti

Italian: Food and drinks (

A whole chapter from an Italian learning book I co-authored on foods and drinks. Plenty of activities. Very student-friendly
By Gianfranco Conti

GCSE Spanish revision resources

A range of my best Spanish resources
By Gianfranco Conti

Mike Pye's Resources - 2014 Winner

Maths - Free Resource Library

This is a library of Maths teaching resources I have put together over many years. The word document is just a few things to bear in mind when using it. It was originally on Dropbox, but that seemed to be a little unreliable for some people which is why is has been moved across to google drive, with the link below. If this library helps you then please leave some positive feedback! :)

The library can be found here:
By Owen134866

Areas of Flags

3 Lessons of Powerpoints and Worksheets covering the areas of Rectangles, Triangles, Parallelograms and Trapeziums. The pupils have to find areas of different colours on national flags which are all the above area, and also using other mathematical topics. You will need to write on the powerpoints quite a bit on the starters, plenaries and examples! If you like this resource then please check out my other stuff on here!

See here an extra lesson for circles!
By Owen134866

17 Equations that Changed the World

Having read Ian Stewart's book of the same name, I decided to make A4 sized posters summarising each of the equations. They're nice to have up on the walls when kids say 'What's the point of Algebra?'

If you like this resource then please check out my other stuff on here!
By Owen134866

Daniel Burke's Resources - 2013 Winner

Gradient and Area Under Graphs - NEW GCSE - Sequence of lessons

This is something I produced for my top set Year 11s to cover the new GCSE topic of gradients of curves and area under graphs. Included is a PPT that covers several lessons building from general principles, through velocity-time graphs, to gradients of curves and area underneath them. Also included are examples to match the PPT that can be handed to students for annotation and worksheets for each lesson. The velocity-time graph worksheet is an adaptation of one sent to me so not sure of the original author but happy to credit if told. It all finishes with some exam style questions I've written based on sample assessment material from Edexcel.
By Daniel Burke

Maths Pythagoras - Hypotenuse game

A game I made as a revision tool for covering the topic of Pythagoras' Theorem with my year 9s and 10s. Pupils reveal squares with questions hidden behind them which they must work out. Great for a starter/plenary activity.
By Daniel Burke

Box Plots and Cumulative Frequency Curves

A load of resources aimed at teaching Cumulative Frequency Curves, Box Plots and then putting the two together. Included are a couple of notes handouts that follow the PPT so students don't have to copy loads of notes and a couple of worksheets to allow students practice what they&'re taught and assess their understanding.
By Daniel Burke

Solving Quadratic Equations - Sequence of Lessons

Included is a long PPT covering the whole range of methods for solving quadratic equations, from factorising, through completing the square to using the formula (didn't do graphically). It is designed to be about 8 - 10 lessons worth of material. Also included are three Qwizdom quizzes I made to accompany the PPT to provide an alternative form of assessment.
By Daniel Burke

Ben Cooper's Resources - 2012 Winner

Percentages Super Hero Game

A board game where pupils have to answer question on percentage increase / decrease and reverse percentage.
By bcooper87

Algebra Super Sheets

A collection of ten super sheets.
Each includes:

Literacy section with key words and definitions
Lesson objective
(The above a set in a box to allow pupils to cut out and stick these into their book)
Three sets of questions to aid differentiation by task rather than outcome
A set of extension questions
Plenary questions to check understanding
Homework questions (differentiated)
Additional info on how to check if answers are correct and where this skill would be used in real life.
Coloured background and step by step instructions to help support SEND pupils.

Topics covered include, collecting like terms, solving equations, double brackets, nth term, quadratic sequences, simultaneous equations and equations of lines.
By bcooper87

KS3 Mega Powerpoint with Answers (100 sets of q's)

KS3 / GCSE PowerPoint Activity. Same idea as my first megapower, slides of question on a range of topics. Tried to take on what people said about the last one so have tried to make slides clearer and more importantly have put answers up. Please remember that there are well over 10000 answers on here so a couple are going to be wrong due to slips when i was working them out.(includes fractions,decimals percentages, transformations, trigonometry, area, angles, construction, equations, quadratics, sequences, graphs, sampling, probability and a load more) Ben
By bcooper87

KS3 / GCSE: Fractions Revision Powerpoint

A powerpoint which covers most fraction topics. Includes simplifying, equivalent fractions, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, conversion to decimals and percentages, ordering fractions, finding fractions of amounts. There are questions to practise with. I intend to give it to students so they can take it home to revise from, these aren't intended to be full lessons. Hope you find it useful. Little error with adding fractions slides sorted out
By bcooper87

Bev Evan's Resources - 2011 Winner

Story Writing at KS2

PowerPoint with ideas based on those in the Igniting Writing series by Pie Corbett, Sue Palmer and Ann Webley Looks at different elements of a story and gives examples of different ideas that can be used within the classroom. Many ideas are visual and would support reluctant writers or pupils with SEN
By bevevans22

Animals of the World

Powerpoint with Action butttons full of images and information about Animals from different areas of the world. Each area of the world covered has information on four animals that live there.
By bevevans22

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' maths workbook

A small maths workbook developed for SEN children but possibly useful elsewhere. All the activities are based around caterpillars or fruit to link to the story. Activities include counting fruit, fruit sums, drawing circles to make caterpillars and some basic pattern work.

By bevevans22

Adding 'ing' to verbs: Spelling rules

A powerpoint presentation showing the spelling rules associated with adding ‘ing’ to verbs. It employs bold graphics and animations throughout, with captions in Comic Sans font

By bevevans22