Support and advice for your first year in the classroom

Being a newly qualified teacher can be challenging and overwhelming at times. At Tes we want to offer you a helping hand and support you throughout your NQT year.

We have bundled together three essential NQT e-books,  packed with insight, tips and handy guides, covering vital areas for any new teacher for just £10 (usual price £10 each).

1. Speeding up planning

2. Building positive relationships

3. Dealing with difficulty in the classroom

Our Tes content team have hand-picked a selection of teacher-created classroom resources to support these handy e-books, ready to download now.

Whatever you need for your NQT year, Tes is here to support you.

e-book bundle

Getting started - NQT e-book bundle

Bundle of three e-books to help support NQTs in their first couple of months of teaching.

Speeding up planning - This 11 page e-book focuses on three sections; parts of a lesson, supporting materials and questions to ask yourself.

Building positive relationships - This 13 page e-book focuses on the groundwork, communication and teaching skills for building positive relationships.

Dealing with difficulty in the classroom - This 12 page e-book focuses on three sections; in the heat of the moment, next steps and finding a positive outcome.
By TES_Editorial

Speeding up planning

lesson plan template

To be typed and printed out (or filled in by hand). For daily use in all lessons.

Lesson Planning: Pick 'N' Mix Tool

A single, all-encompassing Power Point containing a wide range of cooperative and engaging learning activities for starters, main learning and plenaries.

How to use it?

*Open this original Power Point. At the start there is a lesson introduction slide, then activities are split into starters (blue), main lesson activities (orange), and plenaries (red). At the end there is a page complete with embedded timers.
*Select starter, main and plenary activities that are relevant to your lesson focus (Pick ‘n’ mix). Copy and paste those slides into a new Power Point to use within your lesson. Select a timer where required.
*You could print a selection of slides to be made into a classroom display and allow students to choose their own activities.

By AFenton92

Lesson Plan Pro Forma

A detailed lesson plan sheet I have been using for about 4 years. Had good feedback from OfSted about the format when they observed me last year. This one is part filled in so you can see how I use it, but feel free to adapt.
By missholcombe

DIRT Feedback + Marking sheet - AFL

Easy to use dirt feedback and evidencing progression sheet which uses Bloom’s matched to the new 9-1 GCSE gradings. Can be used for any KS3 or KS4 subject. It’s really quick for marking.

To use -

  1. Highlight the skill they’ve used, e.g ‘you have explained the meaning of key phrases such as ……’
  2. Highlight what they could do next to improve, e.g ‘evaluate (judge and assess) the most important reasons.’
  3. Highlight their ‘do it now’ task, such as 'Write a detailed conclusion evaluating (add in subject), considering (add in item) and weighing up the pros and cons of each, reaching a conclusion, with exceptional SPAG.

On the same page their is a green-shaded box for them to demonstrate immediate progress through the ‘do it now’ task. They can then stick it in their books and you can return to see it or show it as evidence any time!

This works for any subject which involves any sort of assessed writing tasks. It has literally saved me weeks worth of time over the years.

Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources
Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

By EC Resources

Plenaries on a Plate

With Plenaries on a Plate, you will never have to plan a plenary again! Slide two shows 168 coloured dots. Click on a dot and get a plenary - every one is different. They are appropriate for all subjects and for Key Stages 2-5. In addition, all the plenaries can be used regardless of what has gone before in the lesson.
By mikegershon

Lesson Planning. 3 Minute Lesson Plan.

You don’t need a lesson plan … you need a planned lesson! So cut through all the unnecessary hoop jumping with these simple, quick planning sheets. Simply print them off and scribble down your thoughts in the prompt spaces. All relevant areas are covered. This resource also encourages “dynamic” planning - changing things as you go. Space is provided for jotting down thoughts as the lesson progresses.

Provided as a PDF and also as a Word document so that you can type into it if you really want to … but sometimes a biro note is far more effective!

By Start Education



52 - Objectives by ability
18 - Home Study
29 - Extention Activities
19 - SEN activities
26 - Starters
48 - Lesson Activities
28 - Assessment for learning
80 - Plennaries
11 - AfL during lessons
31 - PLTS Activities
24 - SMSC Activities
37 - Literacy Activities
14 - Numeracy Activities
18 - ICT Cross Curriculum
By Juan Carlos

Starter Central! 8 generic lesson starter activities in a bright, engaging PowerPoint!

This resource is designed to minimize teacher planning. It contains eight generic lesson starter activities that can be used with the same class over-and-over again.

As the starters are generic, they can be used when teaching any curriculum subject and are suitable for most grades.

The PowerPoint is supplemented with a comprehensive explanation of each starter activities which also, in parts, includes some ideas for adaptations to keep the resource fresh and useful.

I hope you enjoy this resource, I'd value any feedback!
By brad-ashley

Building positive relationships

Me in a bag - activity for new class

This is an activity I do in the first week in September with a new class. I bring in a large handbag with lots of things inside that would tell somebody what time of person I am. It might reveal hobbies etc. I share this with the childen and then we discuss what might be in their bags. I then blow the sheet up to A3 and the children draw lots of things that describe themselves, in a bag.
By lcdixon88

Growth Mindset Motivational Posters

Growth Mindset Motivational Posters

Looking for bright, uplifting posters to decorate your classroom with the purpose of encouraging your students to have a growth mindset and work for success? These posters are PERFECT for any grade classroom!

Included in this project:
12 motivational growth mindset posters to print and display in your classroom. There are 6 landscape posters and 6 portrait posters.
By katembee

Postcards to Parents

Set of Postcards to send home with child to communicate achievement. Your child is the Star of the Week! Your child has done something great! Your child has had an amazing week! **Following feedback on comments here I have attached PPT versions of the documents so that they can be amended as required.
By cdicristofaro

Back to School 5 in a Row Positive Bingo

Celebrate the start of the year with your class with this fun Back to School Positive Bingo game.This is a self running game on the computer, whiteboard or projector.

Included are words to reinforce positive behaviour in your class to create the perfect class from gamification. There are enough cards for the whole class. 30 bingo Cards Included. I have played this game with my own class at the start of last year and they loved it.

This Bingo game is also useful all year round when your are needing to reinforce positive classroom relationships. In particular perfect for those hard to reach classes all year round.

The games can run on computers, whiteboards or projectors. All that is required is that you print, cut and laminate the Boards and press start on the PowerPoint Show.

There are 30 different Boards for your students to choose from and with the shuffling ability of the game, every game is different so that your students do not get bored of it. This game is self timed with a 10 second interval between the questions giving the students enough time to mark off or put a counter on their Board.

By Kiwilander

Positive Behaviour Management Resources

A range of PBM resources. These are Art specific but could be easily altered. In case you are wondering the ‘bowl’ is a Buddist singing bowl I use to attract attention. And yes I do think it works!

By mynameiscait

Getting to know you: ice breakers

This resource pack contains everything you need to help break the ice with your students. This would be ideal for any new class whether they are just new to you or even new to each other! Although it is great for the start of the academic year, many of us deal with casual admissions and students who join late in the year. These resources will be great for helping you get to know them better and for them to integrate into the group.

You will find physical activities to get them up and about, moving and talking to one another and finding things in common, helping the group to improve their social skills in talking, bonding and making new friends.

Enjoy getting your group of students to begin bonding and making friends!


• If you choose to download this resource, please take the time to leave a rating - I do really value your feedback and I always look forward to reading what you think about my resources! If you have any questions about this resource or anything else, you can email me at

• Be the first to know when I upload new resources, discounts and freebies by following my page!
By TeachersResourceForce

Behaviour expectations and behaviour steps (sanctions and rewards)

Display resources detailing behaviour expectations, sanctions and rewards. Can easily be customised to suit your own sanction and reward systems. I printed, laminated and cut them out and used on a display window. I kept to 12 steps for sanctions and rewards so that I could display them like a clock face and used a ‘stop’ and ‘go’ sign to reinforce the rewards and sanctions. If you want any more information please email me on Do a search for Happy bones and you will find that resource, it is on the resource bank too!

By dinx67

Rewards - Praise Passport

An attractive ready to go rewards system, ideal for classroom use.
Included is the passport and a supporting wall chart.

Targets and rewards can be personalised to meet the needs of a student or class.
Includes an editable version: edit to match existing or whole school rewards system.
Works as a teacher monitoring tool.
Acts as a behaviour incentive.
Visually attractive and easy to follow
Ideal with all age groups.

All reviews for our paid resources have received a 5/5 review (As of 17th January 2017)
By AcornTeachingResources

Dealing with difficulty in the classroom

Stop and Think

To help with behaviour management. Give this to students to help them think about their behaviour and what led to them being sent out of a lesson ("red carded").
The behaviour issues have been prepopulated. Students simply circle and reflect. A good tool as a way to discuss next steps.
By brimshamlanguages

Thinking Hat Detention Reflection Worksheet - Helps A Student To Show More Positive Behaviour

I have designed a Thinking Hat Detention Reflection Worksheet. What makes it special? It makes the student think about their actions from 6 different angles. It looks as the positives, the negatives, the facts, the feelings, the future and where their actions might have been correct (thinking creatively).

Then there is an interesting thought web to complete on the back of it. It is just a nice way to reflect on the actions without getting angry or being punished with more work etc...
By Peter Fogarty

Managing Anger - noting behaviour and strategies

Simple sheet that can be worked through with a pupil to help identify what happens when they feel angry and what they can do to relieve their anger. Two styles of sheets available: one with the addition of a body shape for drawing on. Both sheets available in 2 different skin tones.
By tesAutism

What Am I Looking For? Behaviour Flashcards

These interactive and visually stimulating flashcards can be used to remind pupils of appropriate classroom behaviour. The visuals used are PCS Boardmaker symbols used with permission from Mayer Johnson. Professionals working with ASN pupils will be familiar with these clear and easy recognisable images that support pupil communication and comprehension.

I use these flashcards at the start of the lesson to remind pupils of the core skills that I will be looking for i.e. good listening, good sitting etc. I then have them on the board or wall to remind pupils throughout the activity. I have enlarged them as a permanent wall display and also condensed them and put them on a keyring for some pupils to carry with them throughout the school day.

I have also included a checklist for more able pupils to self/partner evaluate class behaviours.

The Picture Communication Symbols ©1981–2010 by Mayer-Johnson LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
Used with permission. Boardmaker™ is a trademark of Mayer-Johnson LLC.
By icklebella82

Behaviour reflections

Behaviour reflections form based on form seen on, but just updated in UK English spellings. May be useful to record a meeting with parents before a behaviour IEP is put into place.
By choralsongster

Behaviour Support Plan

Visual friendly behaviour support model for consequences for behaviour choices.
Key Stage 2 & 3
By lmtteacher

Advice to teachers - working with parents

This is advice doe teachers when dealing with parents and pastoral issues. It might be particularly useful for NQTs.
By maz1

Behaviour Planning PDF

A prompt sheet to help teachers new and old to think about how they deal with common classroom situations. A place to jot down proactive, reactive and next step thoughts for a variety of different potential issues.
Probably most useful for teacher training and NQT years to evaluate current strategies and whether they work well.

This is the PDF version. There is also an editable Word version available for a slightly higher price.
By ampowell

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