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Solving problems involving converting between units of time

  • Year group: Year 6
  • Term: Spring
  • Topic: Time
  • Duration: 1 weeks
  • Keystage: KS2
  • Age Range: 10 to 11 yrs
  • Unit can be taught out of sequence: Y
  • Week Range: 7

In this chapter, pupils use their calculation skills and understanding of time to solve problems.

Problems may include other types of measurement and have multiple steps. Time provides an excellent context for the application of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Resources for this topic

White Rose Maths


Direct link to our Y6 scheme.
By WRMaths

Problem solving - Time

A problem solving resource for converting between units of time.
By WRMaths

Mathematics Mastery

Solving problems involving converting between units of time

Developing pupils’ problem solving skills is a key element of the Mathematics Mastery programme.
This task sheet focuses on solving problems involving converting between units of timeand can be used in two ways. 1. To support parents with their child(ren)’s learning at home, helping them to develop their mathematical understanding beyond the classroom environment. 2. For teachers to use this resource as a basis for a classroom activity, helping pupils to practise and consolidate their understanding.

• Each task is accompanied by guidance to support parents with concepts and methods they may be less familiar with
• For the classroom, you can introduce this as an independent task or in mixed attainment pairs to encourage mathematical discussion

Like what you see?

Mathematics Mastery is a professional development programme for teachers with a mission to transform mathematics education in the UK.

This task is just a taster of the complete classroom resources we offer. We also provide in-depth development training, online CPD, specialist support and assessment tools.

We believe all elements of our programme are vital in creating lasting change – enabling every child to enjoy and succeed in mathematics.

Want to find out more? Check out our free resources and blogs or join an information session.
By Mathematics Mastery

Resources shared by teachers

Year 6 - Measurement - Converting Units - Week 7 - Spring - Block 4 - White Rose

This pack covers Year 6 - Measurement: Converting Units (Block 4 - week 7).

It covers the small steps:

• Metric measures
• Converting metric measures
• Calculating with metric measures
• Miles and Kilometres
• Imperial measures

The resources in this pack listed below include worksheets and activities along with answers for each pack:

• Worksheets - Metric measures
• Worksheets - Converting metric measures
• Worksheets - Calculating with metric measures
• Worksheets - Miles and Kilometres
• Worksheets - Imperial measures
• Morning activities for the week
• Contextual planning sheet for the block

The resources support a mastery approach to encourage a deeper understanding of the topics taught. It follows a CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach to ensure all children can access learning. The pack provides pictorial and abstract representations, along with reasoning, problem solving and open-ended investigations. Details of this can be seen in the contextual overview provided.

If you want the planning for Week 8 + 9 for Block 5:
Area, Perimeter and Volume please see here:
Year 6 - Measurement - Area, Perimeter and Volume - Week 8 - Spring - Block 5

Year 6 - Measurement - Area, Perimeter and Volume - Week 9 - Spring - Block 5

I hope you find them useful. If you have any questions, please email thedigitalstationer@gmail.com


The Digital Stationer
By PrimaryStarsEducation

Adding and subtracting time - Solar system time zo

Children use 'Earth&' times as a base. They must add or subtract set amount of time (e.g. 1hr 30mins) to each of the earth activity times. Good exercise for adding and subtracting time accurately
By ryan-brewer

Converting time 24 hour time (level 4)

Full lesson on converting 24 hour time. The lesson takes students from converting minutes, seconds, hours etc. through to converting to and from 24 hour time. The starter can be ignored, it is something I am doing with all my classes. Let me know what you think
By whidds

Time Bingo

Worded time problems for different bingo cards with answer sheet originally used in mixed KS2 class.
By bdemczak