Authors Train Authors: Using Tes tools

Nichola Lacey (nwilkin) delivered an extremely useful presentation on the ways in which authors can use the on-site tools you have available to you as an author on Tes. Here are a few tips on how to successfully use these tools to help you improve your sales.

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Nichola Lacey

Nichola Lacey (nwilkin) shared an insightful presentation at the recent Authors Train Authors event, on the ways in which authors can use on-site tools. Here are a few of her top tips.


Watch Nichola's webinar here or read the summary below.

Authors train authors webinar: Using Tes tools with Nichola Lacey.

Free vs Premium Resources

  • Make sure a portion of your shop offers free resources, 10-25% of your resources is a sensible amount. This gives buyers a taster of your style and quality so that they can make an informed decision to purchase your resources. If you give away substantial resources and a range of different types, buyers are more likely to spend more on your products.


  • High priced resources do sell, especially when buyers have had a free taster and when resources provide entire modules of content for certain exam boards. Don’t be afraid to charge what a resource is worth.


  • Group resources together if they are on a similar topic and serve a similar purpose (for example starters or homeworks). Make sure the price you charge is an attractive saving over the combined price of the individual items.
  • Resources can go in more than one bundle. Bundling bundles together for further savings can create substantial good value packages.
  • Make resources specifically with bundles in mind and use fresh cover images for the bundle packages.

Raising your place in the page rankings

  • Titles – keep titles short and focus on the most important words that people will search for. Avoid punctuation and don’t repeat words – this isn’t how people search for terms!

  • Descriptions – Use good spelling and grammar, again think about the search terms people might be using. Give a clear outline of what your resource contains and give contents lists if there’s multiple items.

Converting views to sales

  • Branding is important and it's worth thinking like a salesperson - think about how your cover image could be more attractive and informative. All it need to do is make a person click and then they’ll read your description.
  • Make your preview images clear and informative to help show off your resource.
  • Tagging your resource appropriately will help buyers to it when browsing the site.

Promoting on Tes

  • Creating discount sales is a good way to push particular resources. The sale doesn’t need to include all your items, it just needs to be a select few.
  • 'Hashtag sales' are a good way to advertise. This means adding a unique hashtag to each of your sale items’ descriptions and then performing a search on Tes for this hashtag. Then when you create advertising you can use the hashtag and hyperlink it to the Tes search page on social media to let people know about your sale!

This is just a taster of the advice our experienced authors have to offer at the Authors Train Authors events. If you found this useful, keep an eye out for details of upcoming events in your monthly Author Handbook email.


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