Using Tes tools with Nichola Lacey

On 22 May 2019 we broadcast our first authors train authors webinar. You can re-watch it here.

Tes Author Team

ATA webinar

Nichola Lacey (nwilkin) is one of our gold tier authors who has given advice on using Tes tools at the authors train authors live events in October 2018 and January 2019. Here we revisit some of her guidance in the recording of our live webinar from May 2019. 

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Authors train authors webinar: Using Tes tools with Nichola Lacey.

Searching for a specific piece of advice? Find a breakdown of the topics covered in the webinar below: 

1:00 - Introduction  

2:15 - Pricing resources (+ extra comments on pricing at 9:00) 

4:48 - Free resources  

6:35 - Creating effective titles for resources  

9:50 - Targeting specific markets 

10:44 - Creating effective resource descriptions  

13:10 - Cover and preview images:  
What's the difference?  
Best practice
How to add
Video previews  

21:38 - Bundles  
What are they?  
How to create  

25:05 - Discounts & sales.  

26:44 - Q&A  

Topics covered in Q&A:  

27:26 - Reviews  

28:22 - Adding terms and conditions to your resources/licenses  

29:52 - Sourcing images for your resources  

30:45 - Downloads vs purchases  

31:30 - Should you start off by sharing just free resources?  

33:10 - Expanding to a US store  

34:45 - Seasonal resources  

35:53 - Copyright 

39:08 - Selling a niche subject  

40:52 - Benefit of video previews 

We intend to host more webinars following our future live events. Keep an eye on our announcements page and your fortnightly roundup email for news on upcoming live events and webinars in our authors train authors series.