Breaking the taboo surrounding periods all starts with education. Tes and betty for schools have joined forces to explore the most effective ways to approach teaching period education. Expert teachers offer their advice on how to get the conversation started in your school, creative ways to put your class – and yourself – at ease, and how to dispel the myths and stigma around periods.

betty for schools provides free PSHE accredited resources that teachers can use to educate their pupils aged 8-12 about periods. In collaboration with young people and education experts betty for schools has developed innovative and experiential lessons which encourage open and honest conversations about menstruation and the way it affects girls.

With a mix of quizzes, films and animations, the fun and engaging online activities empower teachers to kick-start the conversation in their classroom. All resources are curriculum linked and fully supported with teacher delivery notes and student and parent booklets. Keep your class informed, engaged and at ease with talking about periods! 


Our PSHE Association accredited resources for 8-12s are the perfect way to kick-start the period conversation in your classroom. All of our resources and curriculum linked lessons are available for free online at but get started with some of our favourite tools.

Student booklet

Whether or not they’ve started their period or not, this handy little guide is full to the brim with useful information about that time of the month – from everything they wanted to ask in the lesson (but didn’t) to our favourite ways to help them feel better when on their period (yep, we mean chocolate).

Just for parents booklet

We want to ensure parents and guardians are aware of what we do and teach when we visit young people in schools. This booklet contains an in-depth look into our betty for schools lessons, plus some handy tips on talking to their child about periods.

Toilet takeover posters

Ensure your students feel at ease with our handy toilet takeover posters. Pop them up in all-female loos so they can easily find out where to find spare pads and tampons at school if they’re ever caught short.

Pick-a-path interactive film

Uh oh, Keira’s just started her period at school. Awks! See how the situation plays out from both Keira and her friend Ben’s perspective. - a girl’s best friend!

At betty we understand that dealing with periods can be a little overwhelming. That's why we created - the perfect place to send your students to for *everything* they need to know about puberty.

Parents’ Hub

At betty, we think it’s really important that parents are in the know too! Our Parents' Hub offers supportive space for grown-ups to get clued up on puberty and periods for both girls and boys.


How to use pads and tampons animation

This easy to understand animation shows how to use a pad and a tampon when on your period and how often to change it.

Menstrual cycle animation

Did you know our animation explaining the menstrual cycle is our most popular resource?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Join over 7000 teachers who are using the betty for schools resources in their classroom and kick-start the period conversation today. 

We get that period education can feel awkward in the classroom - but it doesn't have to be! Use our free PSHE Association accredited resources to deliver the topic confidently.